Thursday, May 20, 2010

A New Chapter and Fresh Start

So here we go. I stayed away from my old blog because merging my paper crafts with everything else seemed a little cluttered.

Here I will be sharing my paper crafting, and blogging about the inspiration, experiences, and creativity.

I'm trying to get my feet back on the ground after a rough pregnancy and recovery. I think we're set at a good pace here. The house has welcomed a new little one, and lots of changes for the rest of us.

The big boys are now young men! Tomorrow Jr. will be 16 (excuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor). TT is now 14, Little Man is 6, Belly is 2 going on 30!, and Bubber Man is 2 months!

There's so much going on in everyone's lives, too much for just one entry.

Look forward to posts, pictures, videos, and other little nuggets of craziness.

So Thanks for reading, and there's so much more to come.